Housing decisions for seniors overwhelmed with taking care of it all

It's not an easy realization to accept that we, or a family member may be better off living in a different environment with fewer responsibilities and greater safety. We understand because we help families facing these descisions every month.

As THEY get older, WE worry more

We become increasingly concerned with their safety and quality of life. It's not just safety though, its also:

  • Getting around
  • Keeping up the house
  • Managing home expenses
  • Being able to safely cook or get in and out of the shower
  • Going and getting food or medicine

Here is what ALL OF US really need to be concerned about

Noone wants to receive a "call" that ultimately may change their life, your life, and the lives of everyone in the family, but it happens. It could be an accident, an incident, or just the first sign of a serious change. If you are fortunate, you won't have to rush to make a decision to immediately change the living situation of your loved one.

What happens when a family is not prepared

In many cases a family is thrown into a crisis and making an immediate decision regarding an alternate living arrangement for their senior family member.

Instead of having planned for a destination that was explicitly selected and better suited for the senior, the new environment may neither be ideal nor economical for these reasons:

  • Not qualifying for an assisted living program because of a health or financial condition
  • Not being able to qualify or afford desired facilities
  • Not having another choice but for them to move in with you or a relative

The senior and their family are vulnerable

If you continue to remain unprepared, uninformed about the options, and the senior has not already made a committment to some future solution, in the future they may not have the options they have today.

Once you learn what you need to know you will have an opportunity to address today the tough questions and issues that you will face later, and be able to make better decisions and have better choices. Start investigating your options now, not when you get the emergency call and its too late.

That's why we provide a free consultation with a senior care advisor

Our dedicated service for seniors and their families helps assure that your family makes the most informed decisions. Together we help you understand and compare the options, costs, logistics, risks, and requirements associated with the decision to:
  • Remain in the property with an aid
  • Move in with a family member
  • Move into an independent living community
  • Move into an assisted living community
  • Determine hospice care
Our consultation gives you the details behind the decisions you may make, helping you decide what the best options are and allowing you time to plan for them.

An example of detail you may be missing

Assisted living: This is the option when you or your senior family member is not going to live with a friend or relative, and you have also determined they will not have 24-hour or live-in help where they currently live.

When we pay for a house we get real estate. When we buy into an assisted living facility we are really the purchasing a "contract", sometimes known as a "Life Care Contract". It allows a qualified individual to remain at the facility and receive services, in many cases even if the individual runs out of money. The contract value typically amortizes and a program may have a money back guarantee in case it doesn't work out.

To qualify for Assisted Living the resident typically requires:

  • A deposit of 10% of the contract reserves a space (some portion may be refundable). This holds the slot for a specified number of days.)
  • If you are a couple, one of you may have to meet an age requirement
  • Must financially qualify together
  • Health evaluation and approval of at least one if there are 2 in the relationship
There may be regular fees of a few thousand per month that typically include utilities, food, transportation and activities

It can get a bit tricky to move from the current property to the assisted living facility because of imposed deadlines and the complex timing of moving money that is required for:

  • reserving housing
  • preparing, renovating and repairing the house or apartment
  • honoring deposits
  • closing
  • moving

In cases when the owner wants/needs to sell their existing home first, we are able to negotiate any of the following solutions with the new buyer:

  1. Remain in the property - after the sale has closed just extend your stay as a "tenant"
  2. Move to and pay for the facility FIRST, and once settled turn and sell the home
  3. Delay the closing -  (avoid this choice like the plague). Things happen, especially to older people. The longer the closing extends, the greater the risk that a "disruptive event" (health, family, or financial), may derail the whole transaction.

Senior Solutions

It's our comprehensive service we developed specifically for families facing these complexities. You will feel clear, confiident, and in full control.

Our work is done in conjunction with a senior care advisor so that we are able to get your elder family member(s) to the next step safely and smoothly.

Speak right now, for free, with one of our senior living consultants

These conversations are not always easy. Yet it can be devastating to leave things to chance and unintentionally put the family's well-being at risk. If you are like most of us, you may not know ALL of the risks, benefits, restrictions, requirements, timing issues, costs or options of the different possible solutions or facilities.

Contact us so we can help you get the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Schedule a private, confidential consultation now

Our experienced senior advisors are available to help you make the right decisions.

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