About Jonathan

Jonathan Asbell

  • Contemporary real estate professional
  • Voted best dad of the year, every year, since 2005
  • Marketing & technology expert
  • Hoagie & Hanks rootbeer expert
  • Consummate negotiator & resourceful problem solver
  • Consummate negotiator & resourceful problem solver
  • National title holder for best oxtails, marinara, Ramen noodles, Babaganouj, and waffles with icecream
  • Passionate advocate for marketing-based business decisions and actions
  • Lifelong musician, loving son, brother, and father
    There is nothing more fascinating to me than connecting people who bring about each others mutual success.
    If you have ever spoken to or met me in person you know exactly what I am talking about. People are like wrapped presents : You don't know what amazing things someone could bring to your life. Through my customers I have broadened my knowledge and deepened my experience to a level that one could not have accomplished otherwise, and I am so very grateful for that.

    Real estate as a profession happens to touch everyone, and as agents we get exposed to a wide range of people and backgrounds. As a profession that permits me to earn a livelihood while simultaneously uncovering an endless flow of learning, business, and personal opportunities for my customers, colleagues, partners and share in their success.
    Some view real estate as "sales work" that results in property or proceeds. I see it as "interpersonal work" that regularly tests, destroys, reconstructs, and reshapes our authentic candor, generosity, and respect.

    Commit to a life of endless self-improvement.

    Considering how little time we have to live, isn't it is obvious that our purpose is to learn as much as we can, be as good as we can be at whatever we do, and help as many people as we can to do the same?
    • Liaison to Brazil for the National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.) 2012 & 2013
    • From Philadelphia
    • Lived in Manhattan & Brooklyn for 15 years
    • Alumnus University of Pennsylvania
    • MBA Fordham University
    • Musician, chef, cyclist
    • Falo Português & Hablo Español

    About Paula

    Paula Duarte

    • Entrepreneur in residence
    • Marketing & technology expert
    • Arepa and Peanut Butter expert
    • Fearless learner, risk taker and problem solver
    • Consumate traveler, mountain climber, cliff diver, cave explorer
    • Future Europe-based remote executive
    • Grateful daughter and sister
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